AFRO-SEED School Banking program is a fun, interactive and engaging way for primary and secondary school students in Africa to learn about how to be money smart, develop smart savings culture and investment skills.


Participating schools choose one day in a week as the School Banking day and students bring in their weekly deposits along with their deposit books to class. They will be collected and processed by fellow students who are trained to serve as class bankers by AFRO-SEED and partnering bank. Students who deposits money during weekly banking days earn “Smart-kids” tokens, which they accumulate and redeem them at the end of the term for fantastic surprises gift items provided by banking partners. Students need to have made a minimum of 8 School Banking deposits in a term to redeem a reward.


To make the programme more engaging and exciting for all participants we have included a competition component the “Smart Class Award” and “Wise School Award”.

The Summit:

  • The Smart Class Award will be presented to the class which has the highest number of Students who has made at least 10 deposits in a term. The class will be presented a trophy, class teacher gets a certificate of recognition and the students receive wonderful gift items.
  • Certificates are also presented to students who make up to 25 deposits milestone in one academic year.
  • The National Wise School Award is presented to a school with the highest number of students who made at least 25 deposits in one academic year in a country. Partner Banks will provide fantastic prizes to the school.
  • The Continental Wise School Award is presented to a school with the highest number of students with at least 25 weekly deposits in one academic year in Africa. The winner will be presented with fantastic prizes and invited with partial scholarship to the Afro-Students Entrepreneurship Education Development Summit.
  • All assessments are based on “Students Population: Deposit Ratio.
  • Participation is open to everyone across the world with an interest in entrepreneurship education, community development, SDGs and youth empowerment.

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