Meet The Team

The Executive Director


Agwu AMOGU is a serial entrepreneur and Innovation Development Expert with over 20 years’ experience in innovation development. He is founder/CEO of Global Innovation Learning Lab, a social enterprise in the business of innovation consulting with a network of clients that include governments, small and medium enterprises and international development agencies.

Agwu has been engaged in sustainable development project conceptualization and delivery in the last 18 years. He has led many social-development projects for multi-national organizations, trade unions, civil society groups, state and local governments and the federal government on core facets of local resource mobilization, coalition building and organizational development.

He was a member of the National Council on Micro Small and Medium Enterprise haired by the Vice President of Nigeria.

As the Chief Executive Officer of SAGE Nigeria- Students for the advancement of Global Entrepreneurship an international innovation development organization initiated at the California State University Chico, USA, in 2002, he has engaged and consistently groomed several thousands of young people on hands-on innovation development and community service education thereby providing a sustainable foundation for Nigeria’s dominance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

With 10 SAGE World Cup victories in 15 years to prove it, (prevailing against China, USA, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Ireland, etc) Agwu strongly believes that Africa has one of the most creative and energetic young people in the world.

Mahamba Chiputa

Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

Mahamba has over 14 years’ experience in Corporate Administration, Entrepreneurship, Business Development and Project Management. Formerly at Intertek Caleb Brett Plc as Country Manager for Zambia, he has transformed into a serial entrepreneur with a growing penchant for investment.  

His business interests span agriculture, construction, technology and mining. His other leadership roles include membership on a few boards of directors of private companies and civil society organizations in Zambia including one at continental and another at global level.

Ndaba Mandela

Director, Contact And Mobilization

Author/activist, Ndaba Thembekile Zweliyajika Mandela, is an outspoken influencer and change agent on the African continent and in the arena of international politics. Witnessing both the shocking abuses of apartheid and the complex struggle to end it, Ndaba was exposed early to radical ideals of democracy and resistance beyond the tear gas and police raids on his neighborhood in Soweto.

In 1989, Ndaba met his grandfather for the first time at Victor Verster Prison. A few months later, Nelson Mandela was a free man, and in 1993, shortly before he was elected the first black president of a democratic South Africa, Mandela brought Ndaba to live with him, relishing the opportunity to be there for his grandchild in a way he was not allowed to be there for his sons and daughters.

Today, Nelson Mandela’s legacy lives on through Ndaba, who continues to keep carry the message of Ubuntu forward – that all humanity is inherently connected. He recently founded the Mandela Institute for Humanity to continue the legacy of Nelson Mandela by inspiring and uniting people to build a fair and just world.

 Ndaba was the longest-serving ambassador for UNAIDS, the Co-Founder and Chairman of Africa Rising, and the author of Going to the Mountain: Life Lessons from My Grandfather, Nelson Mandela. He is committed to dedicating his life to his country, his continent, and the young people around the world who stand for positive change.